Cobus Ltd – An Employer’s View On Business

Posted on September 2, 2013.

With the new academic year underway across our region and schools looking at opportunities to enhance employability skills for their students, we thought it was about time we told you about work experience from the employer’s point of view.

In this blog, we hear from Cobus Ltd, one of the first sign-ups to the Employability Charter and a firm supporter of the work experience programme:


Being a telecom and IT provider who has been established in Hull for over 22 years, Cobus Ltd have been involved in apprenticeships and work experience for many years now. As a local employer we have always been very keen to support the younger generation and their transition into the working environment. We actively take part in work experience every year, recognising its importance to the wider community and the role us as employers, have to get involved and make a difference to the career paths of young people.

We recognise that their presence within our organisation is beneficial to us in many ways as well as preparing students for employment. We ensure that by the time a student leaves us, they have learnt a vast amount about the world of work in a real life working environment and have experienced as many different departments and job roles as possible. They will also come away knowing more about their own personal skills and personality traits which could be ideally suited for different areas within a business.

For us it means we can educate young people about our organisation and the work experience we provide gives students an understanding of working life and the skills that are relevant for the workplace. Whilst learning about our company, we hope to benefit them in the future together with improving life chances whilst creating a desire in them to learn more about the Cobus organisation so that in the future they may want to work for us.

The approach Cobus take to work experience proves that this is something that can be offered by companies of different sizes and in different sectors, allowing students to get a meaningful experience and add to the business, allowing them to gain experience and brush up on their employability skills.

Schools in Hull and the East Riding schedule in work experience throughout the year, generally in one/two week blocks so if you feel your company could offer a placement, please get in touch by e-mailing