Re-brand, Re-focus, Re-launch


Formally a Hull based initiative aimed at improving the employability skills of school leavers, the Employability Charter’s new brand and focus is to be launched following adoption by the Humber LEP and its Skills Pledge.

Since the Hull Employability Charter was established in late 2012, around 80 organisations, a mix of education providers and businesses, have signed up to supporting young people to develop their employability skills and make them more employable.  This support ranged from work experience placements to mock interviews and careers events, at all times highlighting where the seven key employability skills are being demonstrated and their importance in the workplace.  It has seen numerous links made between schools and businesses, all with the aim of preparing the future workforce and ensuring that young people are able to demonstrate the skills employers need.

Having been developed by partners involved in Hull’s Building Schools for the Future programme, the newly re-branded Employability Charter now forms one of the Humber LEP’s Skills Pledges and is seen as one of the tools by which skills in the Humber sub-region will be improved.

Understanding and improving employability skills isn’t just something that school leavers need to know so we are pleased to not only be expanding our reach across the Humber sub-region but across all areas of work related learning such as college and university students, NEETS and the longer term unemployed.

Our re-branding has seen a slight alteration to our logo as well as new literature and our new website.  We hope that this new site will become the go-to point for all things employability in the region.  From finding out about upcoming events or requests to sharing best practice and resources, our aim is to make it easy for everyone to get involved in ensuring that applicants have the skills needed to make them employable.