Work Experience: A Student’s View


Ethan Yates, Year 10, Winifred Holtby School

Work experience at Esteem had been a week that I had discovered several different skills and a place that had improved my confidence of going to work in the future. Working in the office I had seen how those working in the environment went around their day. Throughout the week at Esteem I was able to manage my time effectively and solve problems which I thought wasn’t possible. With Esteem I was able to get an insight in what working in an office would be like,  not only that I was able to be indulge in the finance section of a business and how it works, which will help me decide my future plans and career.

The reason in which I choose Esteem was because I felt like they would offer a range of skills which I would be able to use in the future such as self-management, communication, teamwork and problem solving. Also it would give me chance, once I’ve done work experience, to stand out from the rest and catch the attention of employers. Furthermore before the work experience I was extremely nervous and had no idea what the working environment would be like but now that I have been with Esteem I feel more assured that when I’m looking for a job there’s no reason to be nervous.

Over the week I have been given different tasks that I had needed to complete within a time period this helped with time management and shows me the pace in which I should work in future jobs. Moreover I had been given different tasks involving finance which was the area I was most interested in as I was able to see what goes on in that section of a business for example invoices, I had to log invoices and getting an idea of how accountancy works and what is involved in it. Also research tasks involving spreadsheets which I hadn’t used before so I had to use my problem solving skills to help which is a good employability skill that employers look out for. Also I had to create a Gantt chart which was a problem however with the application of numeracy I was able to bring the solutions from what I had learned in the classroom. I was also luckily able to work with Ann Newlove who had helped me create my very own CV that would stand out to the employer that was one of my biggest highlights of the week.

Overall I believe that after being given the opportunity to do work experience I now have a massive boost in how the work environment works and also a boost in confidence of what I want to be when I’m older. Lastly, now that I have done work experience I can a reference on my CV to help provide a better chance in my future career.