CITB is both the Construction Industry Training Board and the Sector Skills Council for Construction and the Built Environment. CITB fund training and development for its registered companies through the levy/grant system. Particular focus is on funding Craft and Technical Apprenticeships and ‘attracting talent’ into the construction sector.

CITB have a specified Construction Careers Adviser for the Humber region who can give information and advice to young people and their influencers on the construction careers available. CITB Construction Careers Advisers also train Construction Ambassadors ñ working representatives from the industry (many from local Hull companies) who can also give advice on entering the industry and emphasise the importance of employability skills.

In 2013 CITB in conjunction with Sewell ran an event during National Apprenticeship Week at Sewell Skills Academy which saw over 60 young people from schools across Hull and the East Riding experience a range of craft occupation tasters.

CITB provided a number of Construction Ambassadors and registered companies (including YORbuild) to support TeenTech at the KC Stadium, as they have since TeenTech came to Hull.

CITB and Lovell provided site visits for young people from Sirius Academy.

CITB have provided (and can provide):

  • Specific information and advice on those skills required to enter the construction industry
  • Site visits (either for young people or their influencers)
  • Construction Ambassadors to give ‘real life’ perspectives on the industry
  • Construction Ambassadors to support feature events (eg TeenTech)
  • Feature events to highlight specific aspects of the industry (past events include craft tasters at Sewell Skills Academy and Civil Engineering at Humber Bridge

All of the above help young people to make informed choices and help to ensure that employers gain an eager and motivated workforce

The wide and diverse range of careers in the construction industry means that there are few specific qualifications requested by employers. Those taking young people into their companies are more influenced by a demonstration of personal skills and qualities and an eagerness to work and learn. These are the employability skills as promoted by the Charter.

For information on general Careers in Construction use the Careers Mapping Tool on select ‘Careers in Construction’ and then search by job role, your existing qualifications or your personal qualities/skills

For more specific apprenticeship information and to apply to CITB for a construction Craft or Technical Apprenticeship use . This also gives access to the Skills Learning Exercise (assessment) which must be passed to qualify for a CITB Apprenticeship

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