We immediately pledged our support for the Hull Employability Charter and initially developed the interactive website as a central hub for sharing information between schools and business. We feel very proud that we were able to get the site off the ground and we continued to support the site throughout the first year after its launch.

This unique website not only showcases the work that is being done by local individuals, organisations and companies, it serves as inspiration for others around the City to get involved and provides a central hub of information to assist both the education and business sectors.
We participate in School work experience and also help with mock interviews and are always ready to lend a hand whenever possible to both Primary and Secondary education providers.
We are linked with Triton House at Newland School for Girls for 2013/14 and our aim is to provide the students with a wide range of support.
To play such an instrumental role in the development of a key educational project for the City has been such a rewarding experience and will hopefully benefit local young people. As an employer in the City we understand the need to be actively involved with educational providers and are compelled to play an active role in shaping the employees of the future. With our knowledge and expertise we understand the huge benefits we can give to young people and add value to the City, now and long term.

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