Construction Works

Construction Works (CW) was established in 2003 by key public sector organisations in the City in an effort to arrest as much value (economically and socially) as possible for the city and its residents, from the delivery of major public sector developments and programmes that were on the city’s economic horizon. Its aim was to identify the potential benefits of large scale development programmes when work commenced to ensure maximum return for the city and its communities. CW was constituted as a ‘not for profit’ business in 2005 as a legacy of the successful project.

Operating independently from the local authority as a ënot for profití organisation CW has grown over the years to provide a flexible, responsive and effective mechanism to support both ìclientî and ìcontractorî in identifying and subsequently delivering key outcomes linked to social impact and added value benefits from public and private sector led investments. A large part of this role is enabling and supporting the training and development of apprentices whom we directly employ from our local communities and place out on build and development schemes. This application is made in relation to the support and success achieved in the employment and achievements gained by our 250 plus apprentices throughout this time. CW employ a large number apprentices within the construction trade areas and our work with employers ensures we source the correct training to suit both the employer and the apprentice.

  • Working with employers regarding their expectations regarding education and training
  • Working with providers/colleges to impart the relevant information

Without employability skills and understanding employersí needs our apprentices would not be as successful in the workplace. The relationship we have with employers allows us to ensure apprentices are fully aware of what is required once they are on placement and of the need to include supervisors in the on-site work they need to complete.

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