Garthwest Packaging and Creative Design manufactures over 1.5 million cardboard boxes every week and creates in-store marketing and promotional materials for a client base that includes; Universal Studios and Sony Music. 2014 will mark our 50th Anniversary and, as a family business, we are keen supporters of the local economy. Garthwest is founding Partner of the World Trade Centre Hull and Humber and we are also responsible for the Platform Initiative digital gaming and content creation project.

Platform Expos: The region’s largest gaming and content creation expo. Working from education to employment to address how we best skill our people to become involved and thrive in this sector.
Platform Studios: The first unique ‘space’ (kindly gifted by Esteem) whereby people can establish their new business, start creating content and decide how best to utilise their skillsets.
The World Trade Centre Hull & Humber: the first time the region has established a hub of business groups under one roof.
Lindsay West: ‘I have always been 100% confident in the abilities and skills of the young people form our region. What we need to do is to combine education with employment to ensure that we maximise the positive opportunities that come from this and empower our young people to have the best future’s possible.’

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