Newland School for Girls

Newland School for Girls is committed to providing each and every one of its girls with an appropriate educational experience. As we recognise that every student is different, we strive to give every girl the opportunities they need to succeed. With an emphasis on the core subjects of English, Maths and ICT and the development of employability skills we work closely with the business community in order that we can bring real life examples into the classroom.

We aim to broaden the thinking of our students when it comes to shaping their future careers and breaking stereotypical boundaries. Among other things, our careers days and programme of work experience already prove very successful and can often provide that “light bulb moment” for our students. Our work with employers through the House system has brought the opportunity for students to work with employers in different ways, from having a go at designing protective clothing for Arco to competing against our link employers in races at our sports day! By signing up to the Employability Charter we hope to develop our links with local businesses further and help prepare our students for the world of work that awaits them.

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